Monday, September 26, 2011

New Moon In Libra ~ The First New Moon of Fall...

(Artist:  David Palladini)

We are about to experience the first New Moon of Fall on Tuesday, September 27th, at 7:09 AM/EST.  This particular New Moon is under the sign of Libra, and the key themes are 'Balance' (no shocker there, Libra being the sign with the scales) and 'Relationships'.  What follows is my own summary forecast based on my various readings.  Sometimes it is necessary to inject a bit more detail in relation to the positioning of the planets, and being somewhat of a lay-person on those aspects of Zodiacal charting, I have included some definitions of terms in what I have written below for those who read this who are also Zodiac lay-people.  Those defined words are marked with an asterisk, and are in bold italic type.  The definitions are located at the bottom of the post.

As always, a New Moon is a time of new/fresh beginnings.  In this instance love and romance are a strong component, and Libra will get us more in touch with our connections to a current significant other, or it will help in starting and nurturing a relationship with someone new.  An upcoming *transiting Mars in Leo making a *square to Jupiter in Taurus *retrograde is a signal to not over-do or over-extend things.  With this all taking place in the background, there is potential to feel frustration at not getting things in exactly the way we want.  Whatever your situation, don't let these possible feelings discourage you.  The over all outlook on the whole is quite positive, so focus on that.

There will be positive energy to strengthen current bonds.  Spend quality time together, and open up/communicate about the relationship.  If you are not currently in a relationship, this time will have great energy for setting your intentions for new love.  Collect your thoughts on what you want in a partner, and then put it out into the Universe.  Then channel positive vibes into any choices or actions you take in line with your intention.

This will be an especially strong time for Libra as this New Moon is part of a large *stellium that includes the Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn.  This Moon will cast positive and new beginnings energies on relationships (romantic, familial, business, etc.).  This Libra Moon also makes a tense aspect to a transiting Uranus-Pluto square, which indicates strong energy for a push for positive balance and relief from any existing conflict or stress.  Relationships are a strong focal point, so as Saturn continues to transit through Libra, relationships can experience major growth and maturity.  If you have been experiencing anything negative in your relationship(s) as of late, then this is the time to take responsibility for any past choices or other actions on your part that helped create the situation.  It is a time for taking advantage of the strong energy present during this New Moon cycle to rectify may find it possible to heal a relationship you thought to be non-repairable.

The other key theme is 'Balance'.  Focus on any areas of your life that are unbalanced, including subjects of a personal or business nature.  Moon cycles have a great effect on the emotions.  During Full Moons emotional influence is very high, so reactions and responses can be very emotionally charged sending objectivity right out the window.  On the other hand, New Moons are when emotions influence us the least.  This New Moon in Libra is the optimum time to focus on those areas of your life that are unbalanced, as you will be able to look on things objectively.  Libra brings  sense of harmony and co-operation.  Look at otherwise highly emotionally charged situations with a more balanced and detached approach.

  • *transit / transiting:  The daily movements of the planets.  These movements influence a person's mood or decisions.  Transits contribute to personal growth.  These daily movements are recorded in a book called an Ephemeris.

  • *square:  An aspect representing harsh energy.  It creates stress, conflict, intensity, the sense of being out of balance.  It promotes self growth.  This aspect can be negative.

  • *retrograde:  The appearance of a planet moving backwards.  It creates delays, frustration, nervousness, and the feeling that the same or a similar experience is being repeated.

  • *stellium:  A multiple conjunction of planets.  A close cluster of 3 or more planets in one sign and/or house. Puts an energetic emphasis on a sign and/or house.

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