Friday, September 23, 2011

And The Winner Is...

(My winning was taken at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Nashville, Tennessee)
I finally received my copy of the horror magazine whose photography contest I am the winner of.  This particular issue is their first anniversary issue...they started publication just a year ago.  They are a quarterly publication (4 a year for those that need it spelled out), and this is their first photo contest.  And I won.  The first time I have ever entered any of my photos in a contest, and I win.  How cool is that!

It's actually a really nice magazine...or I think it more appropriate to call it a "book" as it is more of a bound volume rather than the flimsier magazine cover.  The cover price is $7.95.  Of course, my copy was complimentary as winner of the contest.  There are a number of short stories in it, but then that's what the predominant contents are.  They take written submissions, so I think I might give that a go, as well.  Who knows...maybe I can get something I have written published, too?  Anyway, back to the photo...

The publication is called "Dark Moon Digest: The Horror Fiction Quarterly".  The contest I entered was officially called the 'Cemetery Cover Contest'.  All indications were that the winning photo would appear on the issues cover...but, it didn't work out that way.  Initially, I was a bit bummed, but that feeling didn't last very long. After all, it was the first contest I have entered.  I have no complaints.  I received my copy yesterday.  After leafing through the majority of the pages, I found my photo and the announcement of my win buried (*grin*) on page 117, of 124 pages.  The blurb is below:

I still have as yet to receive the other half of my glow in the dark 'Ouija' board.  What a hoot!  It has been many years since I have owned one.  I had one as a kid, but have no idea what happened to that particular one.  Then, some time in the mid-1990's, I received one as a gift.  I had mixed feelings about it.  Spirit boards can be tricky things.  Anyway, I expect the box of the board that's coming to me will look much like this one:

It is quite energizing to win a contest the first time out of the gate.  Winning this one has motivated me to enter a couple more I found via Google.  Both deal with weather and nature, which describes almost all of my photos.  

Knocking wood...

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