Saturday, March 19, 2011

Virgo Moon...

Tonight's full moon was gorgeous. As it started it's ascent past the horizon, it was an incredible deep shade of orange. I made several attempts to capture a picture of it, but my camera's limitations made it difficult. The above photo was the best of the bunch. The road over the land bridge to Tybee is just below where the moon is. This particular moon is in apogee, which means that it's closer to the Earth. The closest it's been in two decades. The stream of lights in the picture are headlights to the many car loads of people who made it over to the island for sunset and the beginning of the moon's rise. It appears that this full moon was quite an event here in Savannah. A neighbor who was returning home said that the traffic was terrible trying to get over to Tybee. I can believe it. There is only the one road over.

I waited a bit to get some more shots. My favorites of those are below. I mentioned before the limitations of the camera I currently use. Those limitations can sometimes give me some rather dramatic and abstract photos. Cloud cover moving in helped add to the mood.


  1. The photo of the deep orange moon is wonderfully atmospheric, and I love the way you put the car headlights in context.