Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Cool & Sunny Sunday...

This morning I was trying to think of something to do that would get us (Glenn and me) out of the house. An activity that involved something I really don't care for...getting some sun. To say that I am not a sun person would be an understatement. I'm not fond of intense heat, but I will tolerate it if I have to. My eyes don't do well in bright sunlight. Any type of glare will most likely give me a raging headache. Tanning is not something my skin does. Being rather pale skinned, I burn quite easily with nothing to show for it (i.e. browner skin). It also makes me feel ill quite easily. I've often wondered if there are Vampires on my family tree...

I did my catch up online...checked e-mail, caught up with any notifications and 'what-not' on Facebook, etc. While I was going about my business I was mulling over some ideas for an excursion, and when I stepped away from the computer I had reached a decision. A visit to the beach. My usual beach. My current source of relaxation and inspiration. Today's horoscope was kind of my clincher. Now, I don't really pay attention to (much less read) the newspaper horoscopes, but they were sitting in front of me when I sat on the sofa next to Glenn to share my outing suggestion. This is what mine said:

July 23 - Aug. 22: Visiting a place that motivates you will set a positive mood and provide the opportunity to try something new.

That kind of settled things. I interpreted the message in a slightly different way. I saw it more as a confirmation to visit the place that inspires me for some inspiration to add to my motivation pool for a current project I need to dive into. I've been mentally dipping my toe for awhile, and the time to take the plunge with it is more than ripe. After throwing ourselves together, we made the trip over.

I was definitely dealt a heavy dose of inspiration. With a smattering of calm. It was breezy and quite chilly, but I got some great pictures. This particular visit the tide was out, so there were new things to see and experience. Not that I don't always see something new when I go there. Thus is the nature of...well, nature. Felt the need to share some of my shots.

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