Friday, March 25, 2016

Blowing The Dust Off...

(The day before the official Full Moon; the Moon is so beautiful during the day when it's making its way through its usual cycle.)
It's me. I've come to resuscitate my blog. My separation for the past number of months wasn't necessarily by choice. Life intervened in a way that caused me to take a more extended hiatus from my posts than I would have liked. In any event, I'm here and feeling all the better for it. Life happens day by day, minute by minute, moment by moment. In the end it is up to me to keep the important aspects of my life alive and well. I have done so til now, but have vowed to make a more concerted effort from here on out.

Knocking wood...

The less than positive influences in life can gnaw away at the marrow of who we are. If one allows them to. I will readily admit that I have been a bit guilty of that. Let's say that I am focusing on the permutation of things. Altering in a positive way. Moving forward with a renewed outlook. I know that could kind of denote something serious. Those discards are only as serious as I allow them to be. In the end they really aren't that important. No...let me rephrase that...they aren't important at all.

The main constant here has been the marsh. It is always the marsh. My little corner of the world where I always can count on the world outside to calm and re-energize. Where nature equals nurture. Therapy.  My therapy. As I've expressed many times before in this blog, Gaia shows her many moods here on the Georgia coast. She is never boring.

Fall here was beautiful, which it always is. Leaves turning to various hues from red to mottled brown. Marsh grasses turning from green to mustard yellow. Just enough chill hanging in the air to warrant a jacket when I would make my way along the marsh for a healthy dose of nature.

For the final months leading into the new year I had braced myself for a bone chilling winter. It never came. There were nights and subsequent mornings where winter appeared to finally have arrived, but over all the iciness of winter was never fully realized. No puffs of breath in the cold air. No long lasting cold cutting to the bone. Many say global warming isn't a reality. I'm one of those who say differently. Gaia isn't well. The winter (or lack of) for the year 2015 into 2016 illustrated that quite plainly. For me, anyway.

So here we are well into a new year. It has been a few months already, and a number of my therapy/photography strolls have happened. Not as many as I would like, but the ones that I did take had the desired effect. I witnessed the ever changing marsh, and have never found it dull. Minute by minute, step by step, photo by photo.

The pictures I have posted in this entry mark the beginning of 2016 to the present. I write/post about a number of things on my blog. My photos being a regular feature. As I mentioned previously, the planet has many moods and I see them here. These images are the ones I glimpsed with my camera lens.

(The delicate shed husk of a Cicada next to some young clover)

(The alien new growth of a sago palm, a.k.a. cycas revoluta; this ball shape will wither to reveal red husked seeds inside, and then to new shoots; fascinating to see up close, but poisonous if ingested by animals)
(The marsh end of the tidal creek that runs behind the condo; there are various houses on the other side)

(One of the foggy days on the marsh, my absolute favorite times to visit the marsh edge; there is a calming isolation that falls over the island here, added to by the distant moan of an occasional fog horn.)

(One of the Camilia's on the bush by the front porch. The only flowering bush that blooms during the cold months; however, this year we had some confused Azalea bushes that were blooming at the end of December.)

(Various acorns, many of them partial discards from hungry squirrels.)

(A spent Magnolia seed pod from the Magnolia tree by our front walk.)

(Every year at the beginning of Spring the marsh edge is lined by dead and dying cat tails that have gone to seed; in the past I have seen fiddler crabs that have scaled the long stalk to the seeded remains to feed, but not this time.)

These last few photos are of the Full Worm Moon of March. It was big and beautiful. I always look forward to seeing the Moon in its monthly fullness. It's as if the universe is acknowledging us by shining a celestial spotlight in our direction.

I have more posts coming...

Therapy is back in session...

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