Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day 2015...

Today is Earth Day. It is a day for honoring Gaia, and focusing on things we can do to preserve the natural aspects of this planet. I wonder if many of the Earth's inhabitants really see the state of things from the proper perspective? Do they understand what "being green" ultimately means?

Here on the marsh in my corner of things I not only see the natural world around me. Whenever I can, I experience it. The flora and fauna that covers the Earth's surface is vital to mans existence. The bee for example. Bee populations have greatly diminished. They are responsible for pollinating crops that feed us. If bees become extinct, 70 of the 100 crops that feed 90% of the world will no longer be around. Things don't end there. If we lose plants pollinated by bees, we lose the animals that eat those plants, and the loss continues as you travel up the food chain. Saving Gaia's animal and plant life is not just a cause for "tree huggers" (and I do love trees). It is a cause that everyone should take seriously.

Saving plants and animals. Doing what we can to help preserve the all important ozone layer. Taking global warming seriously. Yes, I know many people think that last issue is silly and false, but there is so much happening on a global scale that is undeniable (polar ice melting, for one). A long list of causes can be made, but it all leads to one end. One that I always mention when conversations turn to the subject of "saving the planet"...

Inevitably, it's not about "saving the planet"'s about saving the human race. The Earth will be here long after we humans cause our own extinction. To me "saving the planet" is about saving our way of life. Things are going to get worse...and if we continue along this path we're on, down the road, things will become dire.

Today was a sunny one here on the Wilmington Island marsh. A bit different to the last few weeks. Overcast skies and rain have been the constant here. Not that I mind, really. I enjoy rainy weather most.

I suppose a time of celebration for the Earth is best represented by a bright and shining sun filled day. When I ventured out to capture a few photos to mark the occasion, I was hit by the green that I see every time I leave for work, or head out for a stroll. The Earth is beautiful all done up for the warmer months.

The remaining photos were taken day before yesterday. An overcast and rainy day. It's amazing to think that just a month ago the marsh was covered in mustard yellows. After the regular rains since March, the yellows have been replaced by bright green (the above comparison pics show the difference).

Will the Earth change drastically in my remaining years, however long that is? I think some changes will occur. Hopefully some of them will be for the better. I think major change will be left for future generations. Mankind needs a wake up call. Who can say what that is?

In the meantime, I hope more and more inhabitants of Earth start doing their part to help by taking some positive action. Even the smallest acts (saving water, recycling) can help.

Show the Earth some love...

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