Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rain, Ruminations & A Reboot...

It’s a rainy Sunday here on the marsh. The window near my computer is open, and I can hear the rhythmic sound of raindrops connecting with the various forms of flora outside. The world is returning to its green, flower bespeckled self. Well, my corner of it anyway. Stressful elements of life can infiltrate ones gray cells to the point of madness...if one allows them to. Keeping those at bay isn’t always easy. Opening ones vision to the whole, rather than just the tunnel housing negative thoughts, is the trick. We all release ourselves from that narrowed mind set in our own way(s). These days I have a few methods that seem to work best for me. One is to engage in the activity I am employing now…writing. Another is to venture out of doors to commune with the larger aspect of all of our lives. The world…the Earth…Gaia…this giant ball we call home, is the one major constant. She provides so much for us to wonder at. So much for us to walk through, and be a part of. Nature equals nurture in my book. Just walking out of my front door, breathing in the fresh air filled with scents of any given season, and looking at the natural life around me. Sublime. I took a walk through the gray, muted, cool world of this rainy afternoon. Camera in hand, I ventured out for a much needed therapy session of photographs. I needed to clear my head of some things. I needed some nurturing.

Now I’m sitting here collecting my thoughts. Soothing music conducive to writing (a little Patrick O’Hearn instrumental ambience), mug of freshly brewed caffeine in the form of dark, untainted (no additives), and strong liquid love…coffee. In other words, my usual set-up for when I write.

The pictures in this post span the last couple of weeks or so. A few times I have sat here in front of my computer screen with the intent to create a post…until my tired brain kicked in after having a busy day at the mine. My attempt at therapy would be thwarted by the reality that my mind was just not going to allow me to put together coherent sentences. Period. Today, things are about to change. They need to change. Desperately. I am a creative being, and I feel like I’m wallowing in limbo when I don’t ‘create’. My creative aspect never diminishes, but it clearly becomes harder to employ the more it gets shelved in the scope of my day due to lack of energy. I need to…no, I HAVE to put the time in to work my creative muscle. To reform my habit. After all, I am the only one who can make that change, that shift. The only person any of us can control is ourselves. We are in this body, this life, for a finite amount of time. It is up to us to make of it what we will. It is up to us to decide what is important to our own mental/emotional/physical health. Everything seems to get blamed on time. We don’t have enough time to do those things which make us whole. The fact is we DO have the time, if we make the time. Stressing about things that have already happened…repeatedly running over events in our minds to the point of insanity…that’s what we don’t have time for. I don’t have time for it. This isn’t a new revelation for me, either. So…why don’t I do something about that? No time like the present.

As for the pictures I selected for this post, they were taken during a few walks. One of my therapy strolls was on the evening of March’s Full Moon in Virgo. There is something so special about seeing the moon during daylight hours. It is an event that happens frequently as the Moon moves through its phases, but Luna is so closely associated with the night that it feels special seeing her up there before the Sun has set. I had caught glimpses of her a couple of times in days prior, but didn’t have my camera in reach until the day of her fullness. I never miss a Full Moon. Even the ones where I’m disappointed due to thick cloud cover…I still make it outside to check for an appearance.

The rest are from a few assorted walks. They are images of things I am moved to snap a picture of. I am not one to spend a painstaking amount of time looking for suitable subjects, and framing them up. I have a pretty good radar for those things that I need to photograph. I don’t know why I immediately gravitate toward something, but when I do I snap the shot quickly and move on. I am always pleased to see what I was able to capture once the images are uploaded. They are random pictures of ‘my’ marsh, and the nature that surrounds it.

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