Monday, August 26, 2013

Full August Moon...

August’s Full Moon was spectacular, as all of them are. There is something so peaceful about the moon. It helps calm the mind, giving one a time to decompress…to decompress and energize. I feel at my most creative at night, and gazing up at Luna in all her illuminated glory is one of the most inspiring things going. 

It has been five days since I took her picture. We have been having rain just about every day, mostly in the form of scattered thunderstorms, and the 21st was no exception. I was worried that I might have to miss the photo session due to heavy cloud cover. Luckily, the clouds thinned enough for me to catch more of my monthly sighting shots.

August’s Full Moon is known by a variety of names:

  • Full Sturgeon Moon: this name was given by native American tribes as Sturgeon were most easily caught during this moon
  • Full Red Moon: this name referred to weather and atmospheric conditions during the moon that could make it appear reddish when rising through hazy skies
  • Blue Moon: a third Full Moon in a season with four is referred to as a Blue Moon (most seasons have three)
  • Green Corn Moon & Grain Moon: growing crops grow tall during this time of year

The energy radiating from this last full moon in august has helped me kickstart a lethargic period in my creativity. The summer sun and the accompanying humidity has sucked the motivation out of my days. I am very ready for summer to be over. Autumn officially begins on the 22nd of next month. It won’t be too soon for me.

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