Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Light Half...

The marsh gets greener by the day as we now enter into Summer. I took these pictures on Beltane, and a lovely evening it was. The tide was in and higher than  usual during light hours, so I was glad to be home to take some photos. The tidal creek behind the condo takes on a completely different life when it is full of green brackish water.
The day was overcast, and pleasantly cool. A strong breeze danced through and around the flora. Other sounds mixed with Gaia's breath: the rustling of unseen creatures; the distant droning of a lawn mower; the unintelligible murmer of voices issuing from one of the screened in porches facing the creek. I purposefully stayed to the bank of the tidal creek. I saw no other people. There were no cars passing by. On one side were condos. On the other was nature...soothing and alive.
The Earth is in transition, entering into the light half of the year. I feel that I'm in transition, too. I have had my physical aches and pains, and they have been in full force this past week. I have been dealing with them as best I can. After all, I will always have them in varying degrees. Pushing through and dealing with them as part of day to day life has proven much easier. The point of my focus is key. That, and my mind set. The main tool in my personal arsenal is my creative side. The side that occupies the larger part of my self...of who I am.
Art projects that I have had waiting in the wings are now becoming works in progress. It feels good to be flexing my creative productivity.

Beltane. A time of rebirth...fertility. That encompasses so much. Much more than the obvious. 'Fertility' can be experienced on so many levels. Yes, there are the obvious "birthing" methods, but there are others, as well. The realms of the mind and the soul. Two realms that, for me, are tapped into on a daily basis. For me it is important to build and to grow. To expand on levels that are important to me.

Hoping everyone had a Blessed Beltane, and/or May Day.

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