Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Hiatus Has Ended...

(A rainy day by the marsh...from a few weeks ago...)

My blog has been an oasis for me in many respects since I started it. I muse, review, share, and post. It’s not only an outlet for personal expression of various forms, but it serves a therapeutic need of mine. Creativity has always been my main form of therapy, and this blog falls snugly into that category. Why have I been neglecting it?

It hasn’t been on purpose. I have had a list of posts ready and waiting. A list comprised of a little of this, and a bit of that (I generally post whatever I am moved to write about). I am about to 'get back to it' on here. To start in on my ‘To Write’ list. Really. Promise.

Why did I veer off my blogging path in the first place? Mainly, my fairly new part-time gig. It has taken me a few months to work it into my daily life in such a way that I can get back to my usual “free time” projects (those I do out of necessity and otherwise). My schedule changes from week to week, so that has been the cause for the adjustment. I have gotten my sea legs at work, so I can get back to my regular day to day doings. Blogging is one of the top two keys to my continued mental health. It’s a vital part of stress relief for me.

The other ‘key’ is photography. Taking my photo snapping constitutionals. The weather has warmed up enough that extended walks are more bearable. No more outings where I return home unable to feel my hands from the cold. Actually, we had a virtually non-existent Winter. In my opinion, anyway. My explorations of the surrounding natural, bucolic world of Savannah are resuming.

There have been a few quick doses of camera usage here and there to prevent my going completely mental. Some of those pics are in this post.

More posts to follow.

(This is one from this batch that I especially like...I think the final product reads more as a painting than a photo...)

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