Thursday, June 14, 2012

This Just In: 12/21/2012 Update...

(Mayan ruins in Guatemala)
It has been awhile since I did any looking around regarding our impending doom as is supposedly laid down in the Mayan calendar.  I have noticed an increase in the number of hits my previous posts about the dread day are getting, and the six month countdown is on the horizon.  Seemed like the time was ripe for an update.

  • "Four long numbers on the north wall of the ruined house relate to the Maya calendar and computations about the moon, sun, and possibly Venus and Mars; the dates may stretch some 7,000 years into the future. These are the first calculations Maya archaeologists have found that seem to tabulate all of these cycles in this way. Although they involve common multiples of key calendar and astronomical cycles, the exact significance of these particular spans of time is not known."  ~ USA Today, 5/10/2012

This just in...well, as of May of this Mayan calendar information has been found in Guatemalan Mayan ruins.  An archaeology student from Boston University found the paintings in ruins of a home, and archaeology professor, William Saturno, found the wall entries during the excavation of the site.Certain people are saying that Doomsday is imminent in the next six months. That the Maya say so, and that makes it true.  No 'ifs', 'ands', or 'buts'.

Nothing is ever that cut and dry.  

This more recent news makes absolute sense to me. Maybe on it's face the Mayan calendar can be interpreted to say 'the end of times is coming', but I think what is laid down in the 'Eagle Bowl' is meant in more abstract terms.  If one looks hard enough, there is information out there that talks about the whole 12/21/2012 concept in abstract terms, too.  Think more 'end of an age', rather than 'end of the world'.

If the world were to end as the Dooms-dayists are saying, that would be letting the human race off too easy. The world is a mess right now.  Here in the US, things are in the proverbial "crapper".  To my mind, what happens in the next six months dictates how we enter the next 'age'.  That's on a collective level.  I think we can also dictate things on a more personal level, too.  We each have the personal power to use in laying the brick work of our own paths.  Life over all is many layered.  It is up to humans on an individual and a group level to create the steps we make in moving forward.  We can either move in a positive and enlightened way, or make the ride a lot rougher by allowing the negative to take deeper root.  

Will the new evidence change any of the panicky minds out there?  Maybe some.  At the very least, it offers some food for thought.

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