Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Moon In Taurus...April 21, 2012...

Saturday, April 21, at 3:20 AM/ET, is this month's New Moon in Taurus.  As with all New Moons, this is a time for new beginnings.  For setting new goals. The wealth of Taurean energy surrounding this moon cycle is all about the long term.  Dispensing with what will get instant gratification, and focusing on the bigger picture of new potential projects.  The Sun and the Moon join forces this go round with their combined energies in Taurus.  Energy that will create a fertile atmosphere.

There is a Grand Trine composed of earth sign ruled players: the Sun/Moon combo, Mars in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn retrograde.  This can be a very productive time.  On the physical side of things, there is much to be gained and accomplished to bring efficiency to the forefront.  Also, those seeds you might have planted over the last month or two will start to show some growth.

A big theme during this Moon cycle is the Earth. Fitting since it falls in the wee hours of the day before Earth Day 2012.  Take some time to stop and smell the roses, as they say.  Commune with nature by visiting a local park, or plant some new color in your yard.  Make it an all encompassing sensory experience, and drink in the world outside.  Our planet is special.  Show it some love.

With Saturn in Libra in aspect to the Sun and Moon, the time is ripe for finding/experiencing real love.  This Taurus New Moon is also conjunct Ceres in Taurus, creating the perfect atmosphere for some rest and relaxation.  Get a massage, or take that long hot bath.  Get out your scented candles, and play some relaxing music.  Be sure to make some 'me' time.

There is a sextile with Neptune in Pisces.  Expect some of the harsher/rougher issues your dealing with to soften a bit.  There is an opportunity to take a much needed time out from harsh realities.  A building up of good and positive feelings will help in making creative energies and inspirations more readily available.

The Piscean Neptune is also in opposition to Mars in Virgo.  This is helping to lessen the heavy dose of aggressive energy floating around, due to the building of the conjunct of Mercury and Uranus in Aries during this lunar cycle.  There is some highly charged energy popping, which can bring some shocks and surprises. The extra mental energy used in processing these shocks to the system could give one a headache.  Take a deep breath, and try to stay calm. Tap into your inner sources of love, wisdom, and tact.  Use them to help temper your part in a situation, because thoughtless words can cut, and they can't be taken back once they are out there.  Another area the softening energies of Neptune are in effect (and definitely needed) is the inconjunct between Mars and Mercury.  Details, details, details!  That's what the Mars/Mercury energies are saying.  They insist on one studying the details...and this is causing tempers to be very short.  This is where Neptune's influence can help.

Saturn in Libra is in opposition to the New Moon.  This stresses the need to keep everyone's interests at heart.  It's not about the one, but all players in a situation.  There is a need to be a part of, and to "play well with others".

Venus in Gemini is semi-sextile to Jupiter in Taurus.  It says to get out and have some fun.  You might make some money doing it, too.

Pluto is sextile to Chiron in Pisces.  Why do we place expectations on ourselves and each other that are definitely unreasonable?  This will assist us in discovering the reasons why.  Some much needed healing could result.

If your feeling a bit stressed or strained right about now, you could be feeling the effects of the Mercury-Mars retrograde overlap.  Engage in that heavy dose of rest and relaxation.  The Taurus New Moon can help you let go of the stress, to experience some healing calm.  Spring has sprung, nature is blooming all around us, and the outside world is calling.  Put the things that are causing you to pull at your hair to the side, and soak in the beauty that is mother nature. Everyone deserves a break.  Show yourself some love...pass it on.

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