Sunday, May 15, 2011


There are times when I enjoy strolling around the Internet, reading about new things, or looking up pictures of artistic themes and styles that I admire. Steampunk is a design aesthetic that sits within my top 3 favorite artistic means of expression. Interestingly enough, I never ventured into that world like I now wish I had. The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms) was a realm I stepped into, dressing and acting the part of period/medieval society (the Italian Renaissance was my period of choice). In retrospect, Steampunk is more my cup of tea...

Coming into play in the 1980's, Steampunk depicts a world where steam is still widely terms of style, a combo of the Victorian era and the 19th century. A blend of fantasy and Sci-Fi, it combines a Victorian ethic with technology (think Verne's' 'Nautilus', or Wells' 'Time Machine').

There is such imagination and beauty at work in some of the imaginative creations Steampunk artisans create. I find the over all aesthetic really spectacular.

I have wanted to design and produce jewelry with a Steampunk 'flavor' for a long time. Looking up related images has sparked the desire again. Maybe the time is ripe...who knows...

I'm adding the "Jasper Morello" short onto the end of this post, as it's a great short piece. Dark and rather disturbing as it progresses, it is a fantastic example of Steampunk animation. Well worth the watch.


  1. Did you get to see the show here at the Desoto Row I posted some pictures about it. Steampunk is full of wonder and whimsy

  2. Yes, I saw your pictures and was quite bummed that I missed out. There were some great pieces in your pics. I'm still not completely in the groove here with festivals and such...things I really enjoy.

  3. ill try to keep you updated of things since i now have an idea of what you like ;)

  4. That's really nice of you...I appreciate it. :)